Air Conditioning
+ Standard air conditioning system suitable for a full volume of passengers in warm and dry regions
+ Driver area HVAC system with separate control panel
+ Convector heating system in passenger area
+The cable harness is isolated and resistant to water and heat with a proper fuse box
Driver's seat
+ Pneumatic, comfortable and adjustable Driver’s seat with artificial leather or velvet upholstery and three-point belt in accordance with European standard
Driver’s Cabin
+ The steering wheel angle can be adjusted in order to improve the driver’s ergonomics.
+ 7” color display with five camera inputs related to rear-view and entrance cameras
+ Vertical R-N-D gear selector + Ergonomic and sturdy cabin made of ABS
+ Vehicle USB charger
Passenger's seat
+ Robust and comfortable Passenger’s seat made of fireproof polyamide with artificial leather or velvet upholstery and water drainage hole.
+ Front axle, rigid - bearing 7000 kg
+ Rear axle, electric axle - bearing 12700 kg
+ Tire, 70R22.5 / 275


In line with the development of electrification and smartening process, as well as aiming at the production of all-electric buses, a dedicated company named “Parsan Electric Bus Manufacturing Company” with the trademark of “SHETAB” was established in 2020 in order to develop and manufacture state of the art E-buses for domestic and foreign markets.
“SHETAB” is a strong cooperation of the main player of energy section in the Middle East “MAPNA Group” and the main hub of Iran bus manufacturing industry “Oghab Afshan Group”.
The E-bus prototype was unveiled in one of the metropolitan cities of Iran, Mashhad. The design and manufacturing of the electric buses are carried out entirely by the local experts and technicians, employing most recent and key technologies.
Our mission is focus on design and production of electric commercial and public vehicles and our vision is to become the reference industrial group in the field of electrical public transportation infrastructures.


Types of electric buses

Electric buses have a long history in Iran. The first example of this type of vehicle was introduced in 1936 under the name

Electric bus motor structure

  • An electric bus (E-bus) operates using electricity and can either store and consume its required power or obtain it from an external source.

Electric Bus Operation

Electric buses offer a way to reduce air pollution, save energy, and enhance passenger experience. These buses are powered by electric motors that run on ..

Environmentally Friendly

Minimal Repair

Save on annual consumption
178 barrels of diesel

Refund of vehicle price by cutting fuel cost and maintenance

Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
Up to 13.7 tons per year

Zero Emission

Minimal Oils and Filters, Minimal Maintenance

Quiet Operation

Clean energies are getting one of the major concerns of government and businesses. The greatest automotive manufacturers are swapping combustion engines with electric propulsions. Avoiding environmental pollutions and less dependance to fossil fuels are the major reasons for such a terrific change in the automotive industry. The rise of population, changes in lifestyle, highest ever fuel consumption and energy are the factors which will inevitably incline people to switch to electrification and one of the best approaches is to move to electric transportation.

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